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Timeline in Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg

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Key Moments in J.P. Morgan's History

Timeline: 1799 - 1890s  | 1900s - 1930s  | 1940s - 1970s  | 1980s - Present

1980s - Present

    2013: 40 year anniversary of J.P. Morgan in Luxembourg    


J.P. Morgan plays an important role in helping manage the credit crisis through the acquisition of Bear Stearns.



 J.P. Morgan Nederland N.V. is founded in Amsterdam.



J.P. Morgan is appointed by the Belgian Ministry of Finance as a primary dealer in Belgian government securities.

Chase Manhattan opens a subsidiary, Chase Bank, N.V.



J.P. Morgan starts depository banking in Luxembourg.



A Belgian cooperative is created and licenses the rights to the Euroclear system.  More than 1,000 participants become shareholders.

J.P. Morgan finances the cost of rebuilding and restoring an 18th century pipe organ in Notre-Dame au Sablon church.

Chase Manhattan Bank opens another branch in Brussels.



J.P. Morgan's Brussels office is the first U.S. entity to be appointed as an ECU clearing member by the Bank for International Settlements in Basel.



Chase Manhattan Bank opens a branch in Brussels.



Euroclear introduces a same-day, new-issue closing procedure, eliminating the need to preposition cash resources.

Chase Manhattan acquires a 100% interest in Nederlandse Credietbank N.V.  It is sold in 1987.

Morgan buys the remaining 50% interest in Bank Morgan Labouchere.



J.P. Morgan establishes two subsidiaries in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles: J.P. Morgan International Finance N.V. and J.P. Morgan International Capital N.V. 

 1940s - 1970s


Chase Manhattan Bank opens a representative office in Amsterdam.

Chase Manhattan Bank assumes full ownership of Banque de Commerce S.A. The bank's name is changed in the mid-1980s to Chase Banque de Commerce in French areas and to Chase Handelsbank N.V. in Flemish areas. 



Euroclear introduces specialized depositories for each issuer to reduce costs/risks of physically shipping issues.

Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co. purchases a minority interest (16%) in Bank Mendes Gans, N.V.



J.P. Morgan Brussels arranges the first syndicated loan for the European Economic Community (EEC) to finance the balance of payments deficit of one of the member states.



J.P. Morgan is incorporated in Luxembourg.

The First National Bank of Chicago opens a branch in Antwerp in 1973 at Maria Theresialai 7. It closes in 1981.



Euroclear is sold to a consortium of more than 120 banks and brokers.  Morgan Guaranty retains an interest of just over 3% and is appointed operator of the system.



Chase Manhattan opens a branch in Mullet Bay, St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles.

The First National Bank of Chicago opens a representative office in Amsterdam, which later closes.

The First National Bank of Chicago increases its investment in N.C. Slavenberg's Bank to 20%.



Morgan Guaranty's Treasury Department plays a leading role in the creation of a repurchase agreement market in Belgian Treasury bonds.

Manufacturers Hanover acquires 98.5% of the Banque d'Escompte de Trauvaux (BET) in Brussels.  In 1972, the subsidiary officially changes its name to Manufacturers Hanover Bank/Belgium S.A.



The First National Bank of Chicago opens a branch in Brussels at 40 Avenue des Arts. It closes in 1981. 


Morgan Guaranty in Brussels launches Euroclear, a service providing for the orderly settlement of transactions in Eurobonds.



Chase Manhattan takes a minority interest in Amsterdam-based Nederlandse Credietbank N.V.

The First National Bank of Chicago acquires an 11% interest in N.V. Slavenberg's Bank in Rotterdam.

Morgan Guaranty International Finance Corp. acquires a 50% stake in Labouchere & Co. N.V., and the bank is renamed Bank Morgan Labouchere. 



Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co. opens a representative office in Brussels.

Chase Manhattan takes a 49% stake in the Banque de Commerce S.A., a subsidiary of Banque de Bruxelles (joint ownership with Banque de Bruxelles), with offices and branches in Antwerp, Brussels and Ostend. 



Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. reopens an office in Antwerp.  The office closes in 1986.   

The Chairman and executives of Royal Dutch Petroleum Company are invited to sit on Chase Manhattan's International Advisory Committee.



Morgan Guaranty International Finance Corp. becomes a minority shareholder (20% interest) in Mees & Hope Groep N.V., a Netherlands holding company with subsidiaries in commercial and investment banking, insurance and real estate.

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 1900s - 1930s



Guaranty Trust Co. opens a branch in Antwerp that specializes in financing international trade, covering mainly imports of raw cotton from the U.S.  The branch closes in 1940 at the beginning of WWII.



Guaranty Trust Co., a predecessor firm, opens a branch in Brussels at 156 Rue Royale.

J.P. Morgan & Co. and Guaranty Trust Co. are appointed fiscal agents for the Belgian Treasury in the United States.

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 1799 - 1890s



The Waterbury Bank opens, a predecessor of the Chase Manhattan Bank.



The Chemical Bank is established.



The Manhattan Company, the firm's earliest predecessor institution, is chartered.


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Celebrating 40 Years in Luxembourg



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