Top Factors Driving Treasury Decisions in 2017

Top Factors Driving Treasury Decisions in 2017

The surprises and uncertainty that characterized the treasury environment in 2016 will likely continue this year. Find out which emerging priorities treasury professionals should focus on.




In 2017, the effects of Brexit in the EU and Donald Trump’s presidency in the US will likely intensify as more elections take place in 30+ countries.

To Do: Treasury leaders should stay abreast of policies and evaluate how to adjust processes, structures and locations.

Currency Movements

The continued strength of the USD will likely maintain pressure on treasury leaders to review where funds are held and deployed, as well as to better manage surplus cash.

To Do: Be strategic and take an integrated approach to liquidity management, FX controls and payments execution.

Interest Rates

While the Bank of Japan, the European Central bank and several other European authorities dropped interest rates below zero last year, the US Federal Reserve raised its benchmark rate in December. Additional rate hikes are expected to come in 2017.

To Do: Treasury leaders should proactively manage capital structure and allocation strategies accordingly.

Cyber Threats

Payments fraud is on the rise. As cyber attacks continue to increase in frequency and sophistication, collective responsibility will be essential.

To Do: Treasury leaders should collaborate across their organizations to mitigate immediate risk (e.g. running daily operations efficiently and safely), while still building for future growth (e.g. investing in product innovation and delivery).


The ongoing introduction of new and disruptive technology will continue to deliver benefits like automating processes, which will likely enable treasury leaders to a) do more with less and b) direct resources to more strategic initiatives.

To Do: Keep a watch on how robotics, blockchain, API and cloud technology can be leveraged to drive operational and cost efficiencies, connectivity, transparency, speed, security and standardization.





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